Planning to visit a city? We have affordable passes for the world traveler and urbane sightseer in you.

Whether it’s  the “city of lights”, the “eternal city” or the “city that never sleeps”, we have it all.

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Through Amsterdam

There are so many things to do in Amsterdam: riding a bike down its streets, exploring its waterways with a canal cruise and other activities. Want to do them all at a fixed price? Check out the I Amsterdam card, and learn more about its features!

London street

Walk London’s Streets

Visit attractions like Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace at an affordable price with London Explorer Pass. Treat yourself and your family to a regal trip; click here to learn more.

Nothing like New York

From the Empire State Building to the One World Observatory, New York makes you feel like a “king of the hill.” And with the New York Explorer Pass, you can get the royal treatment at an affordable price! Click here to learn everything about the pass.

Orlando Passes

Wander Around Orlando

Explore the galaxy & become an astronaut for a day at the Kennedy Space Center. Race on Orlando’s best go-kart tracks and fun roller coasters in Fun Spot America. Explore the ocean and feed marine creatures at Sea Life Orlando Aquarium. Become a trainer for a day at Gatorland! And to do so at an affordable price, visit the Go City Orlando Pass.

Chicago Passes

Go Chicago

Visit magnificent museums with authentic mummies and Dinosaurs skeletons, go up close and personal with whales, sharks, and penguins, and feast your eyes on Picasso’s beautiful paintings. Want to enjoy yourself at your own pace at a reasonable price? Have a look at the Chicago CityPASS!

San Diego Passes

Always sunny in San Diego

For theme park lovers, it has Belmont Sea World and Legoland; for animal lovers, there’s San Diego Safari Park. Museums await you, and beaches are for sunny days and starry nights. Say hi to San Diego, and you can have it all with an All-inclusive pass; click here to learn more

Essential For Your Vacation

Rome Passes
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Roaming Rome

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but your pass to the city is one click away!  Want to see the Vatican sites and ride a bus around Rome’s famous attractions at an affordable price? Click here to learn more about the 24-hour Omnia Vatican and Rome Card!

Hollywood Sign

Your Ticket to Hollywood

Visit the Harry Potter wizarding world at Universal, contemplate the beauty of whale watching, and ride the highest roller coasters at Legoland. Want to enjoy it at your own pace at an affordable price? The Los Angeles All-Inclusive Pass is worth checking out.

Ultimate New York Pass

Savor your eyes on the breathtaking scenes from the world’s highest observatories. Live like an astronaut at the Space Museum. Take a boat ride to see the Statue of Liberty. Do all of these at an affordable price with NY CityPASS. Click here to find out more.

barcelona on wheels

Hola from Spain!

Explore Barcelona with a public transport ticket that gives you free, unlimited access to the transportation networks in the city and its suburbs. Delve into Barcelona’s splendor and discover all of its secret gems with a free public transportation card. Click here to learn more.

Buy Smart

Best For Amsterdam

A tram ride in Amsterdam’s streets or a ferry through its waterways are some of the best ways to let Amsterdam sink into your mind. In Amsterdam, you can slow down one day and pace up the other day with a GVB Public Transportation ticket

The Best Of Rome

Want to see most of Rome’s museums and tourist interests at an affordable price? How about exploring Rome both on foot and on buses and trams? The 48-72 hours Roma Pass City Card can give you all at affordable prices.

London In Style

From double-decker buses to pubs and musicals, the British Capital has something special for all. Visit the Tower of London, London Zoo, Windsor Castle, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Piccadilly Circus and many more.

houston passes
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Houston do you copy?

Take a NASA tram tour to feel like you’re on a space mission, tease some chimpanzees and orangutans at the Houston Zoo, and witness the white tiger, bullfrogs, and red-bellied piranhas at the downtown aquarium. With Houston CityPASS, everything is possible at an affordable price. Find out more.

rome pass
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When in Rome, don’t stop

Rome and Vatican are yours to see unhindered for three days. Colosseum and Vatican are starters; take a tram or a hop-on-hop-off open bus and explore the Via del Corso. Get Down at  Grapelli, visit Via Condotti and buy designer items, Do them all with the Omnia Rome 72 hours card, and learn more here  

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