Amsterdam GVB Public Transportation Ticket: A Complete Guide!


Amsterdam has a unique combination of slow-paced and fast-paced transportation.

This city has multiple options, from trams and ferries to buses and metros.

A metro ride can take you places quickly, but a tram to Muntplein square is even better if you want to soak in Amsterdam’s aesthetic beauty.    

You can also take a ferry and admire Amsterdam’s quaint buildings and roadside cafes.  

However, all this may require you to take out your credit card repeatedly and buy tickets directly from the driver.

But there is an alternative, too; buy an Amsterdam GVB Public Transportation Ticket online and get free access to most of Amsterdam’s public transport! 

Depending on your duration of stay, you can get single-day or multiple-day GVB tickets at affordable prices.

Want to know more? Read below for more details about the GVB Amsterdam ticket!

What is a GVB Amsterdam Public Transportation Ticket?

GVB (Gemeentevervoerbedrijf) is a public transport company in Amsterdam that operates buses, trams, and metros.

And GVB Amsterdam tickets provide free access to its services at affordable prices.   

These have different prices for different durations and range from a one-day public transport ticket to a seven-day public transport ticket.

What does a GVB Ticket include?

An Amsterdam GVB Ticket includes free entry on all GVB ( blue and white) buses, trams and metro trains in Amsterdam. 

They allow you to travel unhindered throughout Amsterdam and are valid for 24 hours after check-in.

Your GVB Ticket does not provide access to regional buses run by Connexxion, EBS and Syntus and trains run by NS/ Dutch Railways.

Also, you cannot travel to Schipol Airport with these tickets since you have to take a regional N/S  train to go there. 

Who is the Ticket good for? 

Families and large groups:

If you’re traveling to Amsterdam with your family and in a large group, the GVB pass should be your best option.

No matter how long you stay in Amsterdam, you will incur living and dining expenses.

You’d also want to buy tickets in advance for a few selected attractions at affordable prices.

Your Amsterdam GVB tickets can save extra money for you to have a pocket-friendly visit.

However, this ticket has drawbacks too, This ticket only provides access to Amsterdam’s public transport. 

You can only enjoy some free things in Amsterdam with this ticket, to access most of its sites for free you need another pass.

And if you are traveling in a small group of family, the I Amsterdam City Card is what you should look for    

How much does the Amsterdam GVB Public Transport Ticket cost?

The prices of your GVB tickets vary according to duration and the visitor’s age.

There are two kinds of passes:

Visitors’ AgeTicket Price (€)
Adult (Age 18+)-€9
Children (4-11)-€5

Children below 4 years of age do not require a ticket, now that’s a concession worth considering!

Here are the prices of your GVB Amsterdam Tickets!  

Ticket DurationPrices

Wondering whether to pay now or later? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

You can reserve your order and pay later. 

Just fill in your details and they will charge you automatically 72 hours before your activity begins. 

You can also cancel your Amsterdam GVB passes for free; cancel upto 24 hours in advance and get a full refund! 

So what are you waiting for? Get a pass now! 

How to choose your best option?

Whichever GVB Amsterdam ticket you buy will give you its full benefits for the selected duration. 

So we would suggest you plan your duration of stay in Amsterdam and buy your tickets. 

Buy a ticket whose duration you can use completely.

If you complete the duration of your Amsterdam GVB ticket and cut your trip short, you will not enjoy its benefits fully.  

Where can I buy the Amsterdam GVB Public Transport Ticket in Amsterdam?

You can buy your Amsterdam GVB ticket online.

Just choose the number of tickets you want to buy, then select your ticket duration.

Click the checkout button and pay online 

How to use the Pass?

Once you purchase your GVB Amsterdam ticket online, you will get a confirmation email in your inbox. 

When you’ve landed in Amsterdam, head to any of the following stations, show your voucher and get your ticket!

Here are the stations from where you have to collect your Amsterdam GVB ticket

GVB Service and Tickets, Centraal StationMonday to Sunday 8.30 am-7.00 pm
Station Biljmer Monday to Friday 8.30 am- 7.00 pm 
Amsterdam Station Noord Monday to Sunday 10.00 am-6.00 pm
Amsterdam Station Zuid Monday to Friday 

Final Thoughts 

Is the Amsterdam GVB Public Transport ticket worth it? We’d say yes! 

This pass is your one-stop solution to availing public transport in Amsterdam and provides an unforgettable city experience.

 But don’t forget that these passes are very popular and tend to sell out quickly.Hence, go on a buy your GVB Amsterdam ticket in advance fast!

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