Go City Orlando: All Inclusive Pass


When most people think of Orlando, they immediately picture its theme parks.

Disney World, Universal Studios, and LEGOLAND are all popular attractions, but they are far from all that Orlando has to offer.

Exploring the wildlife of Florida while cruising the nearby sparkling waterways.

Enjoying the vibrant nightlife and taking in the sights are just a few reasons people flock to Orlando.

For the majority of visitors, this means more expensive times ahead. 

So, what should a frugal traveler do?

Of course, look for ways to do more with less!

The Go City Orlando Pass can assist you in doing so. 

Let’s go over how this pass works.

What is Orlando All Inclusive Pass?

The Go City Orlando Pass is a city pass that includes admission to over 25 of Orlando’s (and Miami’s) top attractions.

It is a type of card that you pay for based on the number of days you want to visit.

Also, this card can save you up to 45% off the price of admission by combining entry fees to several of Orlando’s most popular sites!

And every dollar you can save matters when visiting Orlando City.

You can choose the length of the pass—2, 3, or 5 days—based on your needs.

You get a set amount of time after using the pass the first time to visit all the attractions at your discretion.

Isn’t that interesting? Let’s take a look at what else it has to offer.

What attractions does it cover?

The Orlando All Inclusive Pass includes admission to all of the city’s top tourist attractions.

These are some of the best attractions you can choose from:

Kennedy Space Center Visitor ComplexLEGOLAND® Florida Resort
Fun Spot America Theme Park – 4 Ride SamplerMadame Tussauds Orlando
WonderWorks All-Access PassSEA LIFE Aquarium Orlando
The Wheel at ICON ParkGatorland – The Alligator Capital of the World
The Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner ShowTitanic – the Artifact Exhibition
Gray Line Orlando – City of Orlando TourCongo River Adventure Golf
Winter Park Scenic Boat TourAmerican Police Hall of Fame
ZooTampa at Lowry ParkBoggy Creek Airboat Tour
Lion Country SafariMiami Seaquarium
Duck Tours South BeachIsland Queen Millionaire’s Row Sightseeing Cruise
Ft. Lauderdale Glass Bottom Boat and Snorkeling TripBig Bus Miami Hop on Hop off Tour
Gator Park Airboat TourSawgrass Recreation Park Everglades Airboat Adventures
Gray Line Miami: Everglades Airboat Adventure TourDaytona International Speedway All Access Tour

As you can see, each of these attractions would set you back more than $20 without the pass.

There are several that cost more than $50.

So those high-value biggies will help you maximize your Orlando All-Inclusive Pass.

Why are you still waiting? Go grab your tickets.

How much does Orlando All Inclusive Pass Cost?

Let’s look at pricing now that you know what’s included.

As mentioned above, the Orlando Pass is a pass that you pay for based on the number of days you want to visit.

You have a variety of options to pick from.

But these options are dependent on the number of days you choose.

And these costs naturally differ from option to option.

There are two kinds of tickets they sell:

Visitors’ AgeTicket Price ($)
Adult (13+ Years) $161
Children (3-12 Years)$140
PassesAdult Children 
2-Day Pass$161$140
3-Day Pass$218$197
5-Day Pass$285$259

You don’t need to worry about payment.

You can reserve your order and pay later.

Simply enter your details, and they will automatically charge you 72 hours before your activity starts.

Additionally, you can cancel for free and earn a full refund if you do so up to 24 hours in advance!

Isn’t it convenient? Absolutely, it is!

Then stop waiting and reserve your tickets in advance here.

Note: Children aged 3 to 12 pay a lower ticket price (Bring a valid photo ID).

The Best Motives to Buy a Go City Orlando Pass

Save Money

If you want to save money on Orlando attractions and experiences, the Go City Orlando Pass is a wise investment.

You just have to use it appropriately to do so.

If you want to save a lot of money, visit two to three attractions daily and attempt to pick a couple of the more expensive ones.

Saving up to 50% is not uncommon, but it is possible, as it would likely require visiting 3–4 sites daily.


Families with Young Kids
Image: Legoland.com

Are you taking your kids on this trip?

If yes, then this is a great opportunity to treat your little ones!

Let’s see why this Orlando Pass is a great fit for your family.

Orlando is a popular family vacation spot in large part due to the variety of kid-friendly local tourist attractions.

And for families taking children on vacation, the Go City Orlando Pass is an excellent deal.

The most costly attraction is LEGOLAND, which has a gate price of $137.

And your 3-day pass costs $218  for each adult.

So, if you spend a day at LEGOLAND, you’ll have spent more than half the price of the pass.

It also entitles you to the entrance to both the theme park and the water park.

You could save $90 per adult if you also went to the Kennedy Space Center, Lion Safari, WonderWorks, and Gatorland.

And that’s only after visiting 5 attractions in 3 days.

You could increase your savings even further by adding an attraction or two.

If this isn’t a jackpot, we don’t know what is! 

Now book your tickets and surprise your kids and family!

Valid for Two Weeks

Many all-inclusive passes, such as the New York Pass, operate on a consecutive-day basis.

This means that if you purchase a three-day pass and activate it on Monday.

Then you will receive the remainder of Monday, all of Tuesday, and all of Wednesday.

But the Orlando All-Inclusive Pass operates in a unique manner.

It is valid for the number of days purchased, but it is not limited to consecutive days.

If you purchase a three-day pass, you can use it on any three days during the next two weeks.

This is fantastic news for visitors who want to unwind after a day of sightseeing.

It also means that you can go to Miami without reducing the validity of your pass by half a day.

Don’t give up this chance to plan your trip according to your convenience.

Just book your tickets now and feel free to roam around the city at your pace.

What other benefits do I get?

Visit Attractions More Than Once

The Orlando All-Inclusive Pass allows you to visit each attraction once per day.

This is unusual since most passes only let you visit each attraction once during the pass’s validity.

This means you can go to the same attraction twice, but the second time will be on a different day.

Mobile App

You can obtain your Go City Orlando Pass by downloading the free Go City App.

Also, you can get a free guidebook and a map with your Orlando Pass.

And you can enjoy the convenience of going paper-free.

Valid for Two Years

Passes that have not been activated are good for two years from the date of purchase.

Who is this pass good for?

Families with Young Kids

The Go City Orlando Pass’s most expensive attraction is LEGOLAND, which caters to younger children.

There are so many family-friendly attractions available in Orlando Pass.

Such as Kennedy Space Center, WonderWorks, Sea Life Aquarium, and Lion Country Safari.

Families who plan to visit LEGOLAND stand to benefit the most from this pass.

Visitors Who Like Busy Days

The more frequently you use the Orlando All-Inclusive Pass, the more money you save.

The pass will benefit travelers who visit at least two to three attractions per day.

People Visiting Orlando and Miami

The Go City Orlando Pass is named after Orlando, but several of the attractions are in Miami.

Not just Miami, but some are even in Tampa, Daytona, and Cocoa.

This is ideal for anyone planning to spend a few days in Orlando before heading to Miami, or vice versa.

This works well for visitors to both cities because it allows you to drive the 3.5 hours without losing any value from your pass.

Travelers Who Enjoy Taking a Day Off

Since the Go City Orlando All-Inclusive Pass doesn’t work on a consecutive day basis.

It is ideal for people who need a break after a long day.

After getting this many perks, no one could stop themselves from purchasing this pass.

And you shouldn’t actually resist yourself! It is worth buying this pass.

So just tap here and book your tickets now.

Who is this pass not good for?

Travelers Without Children Who Are Not Visiting Miami

If you’re not interested in visiting LEGOLAND or Miami, there aren’t many high-quality attraction choices.

This implies that using the pass to save money will be more difficult.

Visitors on a Tight Budget

The Go City Orlando Pass can save you money on admission to popular attractions, but it may be too expensive if you’re on a tight budget.

People Who Like to Take It Slow

To save money with this Pass, you should really just use it to visit two to three attractions each day.

If you prefer to do one activity per day, an all-inclusive pass isn’t the best option for you.

If you don’t want to do a lot of things every day, an Orlando Explorer Pass might be a better option for you.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Pass

Purchase the Pass on Sale

The Go City Orlando Pass is frequently on sale online; we recommend waiting for a sale to maximize your savings.


Image: Legoland.com

LEGOLAND is by far the most expensive attraction on the Go City Orlando Pass.

So including it in your itinerary will increase your savings.

If LEGOLAND does not appeal to you, consider the Gray Line Orlando Tour or the Kennedy Space Center.

Visit Two to Three Attractions Per Day

Make sure to visit two to three attractions each day to get the most out of your money.

The exception would be if you went to LEGOLAND.

Because it is a full-day excursion with a regular gate price high enough to justify calling it a day once you’re done.

Mind the Reservation Requirements

There are some attractions on the pass that require bookings in advance, such as some boat tours.

Others are simply so popular that you’ll want to reserve your spot ahead of time.

Still other attractions may have restricted hours of operation and/or capacity requirements.

So pay attention to these limitations and prerequisites so you don’t get stuck without a way in.

Plan Your Days Based on Location

It’s always a good idea to visit attractions that are close to each other on the same day to save time in transit.

This is especially important when using the Go City Orlando Pass.

Because it includes admission to a variety of attractions in various cities.

You have Orlando, Miami, Weston, Daytona, Cocoa, and Tampa on your list.

So be sure to make the necessary preparations.

Start early in the morning

The pass operates on a calendar-day basis rather than a 24-hour period, so start early in the day to fit in as much as possible.

Where can I buy the Go City Orlando Pass?

Purchasing the Go City Orlando Pass online is the most convenient and cost-effective option.

The pass will be sent to you via email.

You can print the pass out or download it to your smartphone using the free Go City app after making your purchase.

A risk-free guarantee comes with the Go City Orlando Pass.

Because you can get a full refund if you buy the pass but decide to change your mind within 90 days.

You have 24 months after purchasing the pass to activate it, so purchasing in advance is safe.

Simply wait no more than that; otherwise, the pass will expire.

Final Thoughts 

Is it worth buying this pass? Definitely!

The Go City Orlando Pass, however, may not be suitable for everyone.

It’s ideal for families with young children or friends who are looking forward to visiting LEGOLAND.

It’s also convenient for those planning trips to both Orlando and Miami.

You should also be willing to visit two to three attractions per day, possibly in different cities throughout the state.

Travelers in these categories can save a lot of money by purchasing the Go City Orlando Pass.

But don’t forget this is one of the rare passes that let you save so much money on a city-wide trip.

Nothing could be better to get a complete experience of the city of adventure.

But remember, these passes are very likely to sell out and are quite popular (especially the 5-day pass).

The best thing you can give your family is a lifetime of adventures. 

So get ready to take a bite out of this adventuresome city of Orlando.

Don’t delay and buy the pass in advance! and surprise your loved ones!

Featured Image: Getyourguide.com

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