Omnia Card vs Roma Pass


Rome is a visual treat covering countless sights in a single package.

And if you plan to visit the “Eternal City,” many city pass options await you.

On the one hand, there is Roma Pass; on the other hand, you get multiple durations of the Omnia Card.

Which one’s better? Which pass is worth your money? These are questions you’ll have before buying passes.

But don’t worry, where there is a problem, there is also a solution! 

This article will compare both passes and help you choose the best pass to visit Rome. 

Omnia Card vs Roma Pass, which is better?

To compare Omnia card vs Roma Pass, look further into this table:

City Card/PassOmnia Card Roma Pass 
Price Starts from €70 per adult to €50 per child.Starts from €33 per person.
Duration24-hour and 72-hour card48-hour pass and 72-hour pass


Skip-the-line access to Vatican and Roman sites.
Rome Hop-on-hop-off bus tour. 
Free public transportation on the duration of Omnia Card + 72-hour Roma Pass.
Discounts to more than 45 museums and galleries in Rome. 
Vox City Guide app. 
Map of Rome.

Skip-the-line access to one or two locations in Rome, depending on your duration.
Discounts to over 45 museums and galleries. 
Free public transportation.

Map of Rome.  
Free access to toilets on the P.stop network.  
Who is it for Small families and groups of friends, first-time visitors wanting to see all Roman and Vatican attractions. 
Large families and groups of friends, budget travelers wanting to see major Roman attractions but not the Vatican ones.
Where to book the pass in advanceClick here to book your card.
Click here to book your pass. 
TicketsBuy 24 Hours Omnia Card
Buy 72 Hours Omnia Card
Buy Roma Pass


Now let’s get into the details of each pass individually to help you make an informed choice: 

What is Omnia Card?

The Omnia card, also known as the Omnia Vatican and Rome card, is a sightseeing pass that allows you to visit multiple Roman attractions at affordable prices. 

There are two types of Omnia passes 24-hour Omnia card and 72-hour Omnia card.

Here is a comparison of these passes:    

CardsOmnia Vatican and Rome card 24-hours Omnia Vatican and Rome Card 72-hours 
PricesAdult card: €70 
Child card: €50
Adult card: €129
Child card: €59
Includes Skip the line access to
Vatican Museums.
Sistine Chapel.
St. Peter’s Basilica
The Arch Basilica of St. John in Lateran.
Other Christian attractions in Rome and the Vatican city.
Skip the line access to all Vatican attractions + 72 hours Roma Pass. 
72-hour Roma Pass provides discounted entry to multiple museums and galleries in Rome.

TravelHop-on-hop-off bus tour of Rome.Free transportation, open bus tour. 
Best forSmall families and groups.
Active travelers/ planned packers wanting to see the most of Rome and Vatican City in a day/ budget travelers.  
Small families and groups need added time to visit multiple Roman attractions.
Budget travelers. 
Where to buy your cardClick below to book your card Click below to book your card

Choose the number of cards you want to buy and the type of card you require. Click on the checkout button and pay online! 

Omnia Card benefits

With an Omnia Rome and Vatican Card, you can avoid the queues at the Colosseum, the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel. 

You’ll also get free audio-guided tours to St. Peter’s Basilica and Basilica of St. John in Lateran at a single price!

Instead of paying individually for every Vatican site, you can pay once and for all. Now isn’t this a budget-friendly option?  

The 72-hours Omnia card is popular because it has a 72-hour Roma Pass.

With it, you get two cards in one single package! 

Your three-day Roma Pass has discounted access to most of Rome’s museums and exhibitions, while the Omnia Pass gives free access to Vatican attractions. 

First-timers can appreciate the informative hop-on-hop-off bus ride helping them learn more about Rome.  

And if you are an explorer, the 72-hour Omnia card has something tailor-made for you! 

Its free transportation and guidebook will help you quickly jump on and off and reach your next attraction! 

Your Omnia card also has a Vox City app, allowing you to plan your adventure easily.

So what are you waiting for? Buy an Omnia Rome and Vatican card online without delay!  

You may still have to make reservations in advance at the Colosseum, Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Basilica and Basilica of St. John in Lateran.

Don’t forget to read the instructions on the confirmation voucher of your Omnia card and reserve your entry!  

How to use your Omnia card 

You have to pick your date of visiting Rome and the number of tickets you want to buy.

Then you can pay online in advance by adding the item to your cart and clicking the checkout button.

After booking your card online in advance, you will get an email voucher confirming your purchase. 

Show the voucher at an ORP Office in Rome, collect your card and start your trip!

Here are some ORP offices from where you can get your Omnia card 

ORP CenterTimings Closed 
St. Peter’s Basilica Monday to Saturday,9 am-4 pmSundays and other Vatican holidays.24 December and 31 December
St. John in Lateran Monday to Saturday,9 am-4 pmSundays and other Vatican holidays.24 December and 31 December
Carcer Tullianum Monday to Saturday,9 am-5 pm

What is Roma Pass?

The Roma Pass is a city card sponsored by the Rome City Council and the Ministry of Arts and Cultural Activities in collaboration with the Italian public transport company ATAC. 

Just like the Omnia Vatican and Rome card, there are two Roma Passes 48-hour Roma Pass and 72-hour Roma Pass.

Here is a comparison for your convenience:

PassesRoma Pass 48-hoursRoma Pass 72-hours 
Prices €33€53
Includes Skip the line entry to any one Roman attraction
Discounts to over 45 museums and exhibitions in Rome 
Skip the line entry to any two Roman attractions
Discounts to over 45 museums and attractions like the Capitoline Museum, Centrale Montmartini, Borghese Gallery, Vatican Museums, and other attractions 
Travel Free transportation throughout the visit Free transportation
Best for Large families and groups of friends/ budget travelers 
Where to buy your PassClick below Click below 

Your Roma Pass doesn’t provide underground access to the Colosseum. 

Roma Pass benefits

If you are visiting Rome for the first time, then Roma Pass is one of the most budget-friendly options available.

Priced between €33-€53, it’s more affordable than the Omnia Vatican and Rome card!

Your Roma Pass allows you to skip the long lines at one or two locations in Rome.  

And if you are traveling in large groups or have a large family, this is your pass.

Its free transportation has multiple options if you plan to reach any particular location quickly.   

However, your Roma Pass has a drawback; you cannot visit most Vatican sites with this pass.

To see these sites, you must buy an Omnia card.  

How to use your Roma Pass

You will receive a confirmation email in your inbox after choosing the number of Roma passes and booking them online.  

Show the voucher to any tourist information points in Rome (Punti Informativi Touristi) and collect your Roma Pass! 

Here are some PIT centers from which you can get your Roma Pass:

PIT CenterTimings
PIT Fori Imperiali, Visitor Center 10.30 am-8 pm 
PIT Minghetti, via Marco Minghetti 9.30 am-7 pm
PIT Castel Sant’ Angelo 9.30 am-7 pm

There are also PIT centers at Rome’s Termini station and Fiumicino and Ciampino airports.

And you can pick your Roma Passes from there in advance!  

Final Thoughts

Is the Roma Pass worth it? or is Omnia Card worth it? We’d say both of these cards have their pros and cons. 

There is no best pass in a comparison between Omnia Card vs Roma Pass; Your choice depends upon your itinerary, budget and duration of stay. 

A Roma pass is good for Roman attractions, but the Omnia card is even better if you wish to see both Rome and Vatican attractions.

With an Omnia Card, you can visit the best Roman attractions on an open bus; however, if you want to explore them on your own, you can buy a Roma Pass!

Lastly, plan your itinerary and duration wisely, list the attractions you want to see, then choose your pass.

If you plan to stay in Rome for more than three days, we have a solution for you: Buy a Rome Tourist Card! 

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