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Known as the Eternal City, Rome has a delectable mix of art, culture and history for its visitors. 

This city houses everything a lover of culture would want to see in a lifetime. 

For the history lover, it has the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palantine Hills, the Pantheon, Mamertine Prison and many other locations.

The devout would want to visit St. Peter’s Basilica, the Catacombs, Sistine Chapel, and Lateran Complex. 

The Vatican Museum, the Sistine Chapel, the National Gallery of Ancient Art and the National Museum of XXI Century Arts are must-sees for an art lover. 

Rome is a virtual canvas laid out for the viewer; it takes time and patience to explore its nook and cranny. 

And such an extended visit can cost you lots of money.

Want to tour Rome without spending so much? We have something for you!  

With a Rome Omnia Card, you can see more than 30 tourist attractions in Rome!

Depending on which combination you purchase, you can also get free transportation and an open-top bus tour. 

Want to know more? Here’s everything about the Omnia Card:

What is Rome Omnia Card? 

The Rome Omnia Card allows you to visit multiple attractions in Rome at reasonable prices. 

Instead of paying separately for individual sites in Rome, you can buy an Omnia pass and view all the attractions in Vatican City.      

You will also get discounted entry at several museums and monuments.

What attractions does it cover? 

Your Omnia Card comes in various options ( 24 hours/72 hours); you can choose one which suits you!

24-hour pass

You can see the Vatican and other Christian sites to the fullest with a 24-hour Rome Omnia Card.

Here are the attractions and tickets covered by the Card:                

Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel 
St. John’s Basilica in Lateran with a multimedia audio guide.
St. Peter’s Basilica with a multilingual audio guide app
Carcer Tullianum/Mamertine Prison
Catacombs of St. Callixtus guided tour ( available with 24-hour Omnia Card)

Apart from these locations, your 24 hours Omnia Card offers you a bus tour of Rome and a city guide app. 

However, this pass has one drawback: it doesn’t provide free public transportation. 

Click here to learn everything before you buy the 24-hour Rome Omnia Card!

72-hour pass

The 72 hours Omnia Card comes with a three-day Roma Pass.

This means you not only see Vatican attractions but also explore Rome fully!     

Your Roma Pass allows you to see 2 out of 5 attractions in Rome.

It also provides discounts on 30 other sites.    

You must choose your two sites among these Roman attractions:

Capitoline Museums
Castel Sant’Angelo
The Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palantine Hill 
Borghese Gallery.

You may require reservations in advance at these attractions. To reserve your entry at these sites, read the instructions on the confirmation voucher.

Want more from your 72 hours Rome Omnia Card? Don’t worry!

Your Rome Omnia Pass offers discounts to the following museums: 

Castel Sant’Angelo National Museum 
National Roman Museum, Pallazzo Massimo Alle Terme 
National Roman Museum-Palazzo Altemps 
National Roman Museum- Crypta Balbi
National Roman Museum, Baths of Diocletian
Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica, Palazzo Barberini 
National Etruscan Museum, Villa Guilia 
Capitoline Museums
Centrale Montmartini 
National Museum of Oriental Art “Giuseppe Tucci”
Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome
MAXXXI- National Museum of 21st Century Art
Planetarium and Astronomical Museum

The Museo Nazionale d’Arte Orientale “Guiseppe Tucci” is permanently closed

You also can avail of discounts while visiting the following attractions:

Marcati di Triano (Trajan’s Market) 
Palazzo Valentini ( archaeological area of the Domus Romane)
Ara Pacis

Free Transportation 

Want your Rome Omnia Pass to be worth the money you pay? Here is a bonus feature for you! 

With your 72 hours Omnia card, You’ll get free access to Rome’s public transport for three days.

Hence when in Rome, travel as the Romans do!

You can enjoy Rome to the fullest with a Roma Christiana Open bus tour. 

Your bus tour will have the following stops:

Saint Peter’s Basilica 
Piazza Navona 
Vatican Museum entrance 
Santa Maria ad Martyres Pantheon
Santa Maria in Aracoeli 
Termini Central Station 
Santa Maria Maggiore 
San Giovanni, Holy Stairs 
Colosseum- Roman Forum
Circo Massimo 
Tiber Island 
Palazzo Farnese 

Vox city app

The Vox city app is available with both 24-hours and 72-hours Rome Omnia Card. 

It is your little friend that combines walking and transportation tours for your ease.

You’ll also get a Rome city map with GPS-tracked walking routes and audio commentary.

It also has high-quality storytelling with images and works offline too.

What other benefits do I get?

Here are some added perks of buying an Omnia Card:

You save money!

Your 24 hours Rome Omnia Card allows you to see multiple Vatican sites without paying for them individually.  

For example, let’s calculate the prices of entry tickets to individual locations in the Vatican City:

Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel 
St. John’s Basilica in Lateran with a multimedia audio guide.
St. Peter’s Basilica with a multilingual audio guide app
Carcer Tullianum/Mamertine Prison
Catacombs of St. Callixtus guided tour ( available with 24-hour Omnia Card)
Vatican AttractionsTicket Price (€)
St. John’s Basilica in Lateran €10
St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel€50
Carcer Tullianum/ Mamertine Prison€10
Catacombs €48

Now, if you pay for these individual sites, it’ll cost you €118! 

Why pay more when you can buy a 24 hours Rome Omnia Card for half the price?

Similarly, a 74 hours Omnia Card helps you save big on Vatican sites and avail discounts on Roman attractions!

And you don’t have to spend money on transportation costs, isn’t that a boon? 

Skip the line entry

Don’t want to waste your precious time waiting in endless queues? Worry not! 

Your Omnia Pass offers skip-the-line access to the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum and other Roman attractions. 

The lines at the Colosseum can get very long; you wouldn’t want to exhaust yourself. 

Book a Rome Omnia card and save yourself from unnecessary hassles!

Who is this Pass good for?   

Active travelers/ Packed Planners 

If you want to see multiple attractions in a limited number of days, the Rome Omnia card is perfect for you. 

Depending upon your duration of stay, you can see the best of Rome’s attractions    

The 72-hour Rome Omnia card will cover your transportation costs, thus adding to your ease of travel.

So what are you waiting for? Book this card for the ultimate Rome experience!

Family tourists and small groups 

Small families and groups of less than 9 people, this is your pass! 

We know that a three-day itinerary in Rome may involve accommodation, transportation, and other small expenses.

And if you are a cost-conscious traveler, then booking this pass is a godsend.

But do you want an even better offer? Check a Roma Pass too!  

How much does the Rome Omnia Card cost?  

As mentioned above, your Roma Omnia card has multiple options depending on the duration.

And the costs of individual tickets differ from option to option.

There are two kinds of tickets: 

Visitors’ AgeTicket Price (€)
Adult (Age18+)€69
Children (Ages 6-17) €49

Children below 5 years of age do not require a ticket, now isn’t that dolce?

In our opinion, this can make a superb sightseeing pass!

Here are the prices of your Omnia Pass:

Pass OptionAdult Price Youth Price 
24-hours €69€49
72-hours €129€59

You don’t have to fret about payment.

You can reserve your order and pay later.

Just fill in your details, and they will charge you automatically 72 hours before your activity begins. 

You can also pay beforehand if you like.

They also offer free cancellation; canceling up to 24 hours in advance can get you a  refund!

How to choose your best option

depends upon your duration of stay in Rome.

If you plan to view the tourist attractions in Rome and Vatican in a single day, then the 24-hours card is your option. 

But if you want to explore more attractions in Rome for a longer duration, buy a 72 hours Rome Omnia Pass.

Choose a pass that best fits your travel itinerary, daily costs, comfort and ease of travel.

Where can I buy my Rome Omnia Card? 

You can buy your Rome Omnia Card online.

Choose the number of cards you want to buy, then choose the type you require.

Click on the checkout button and pay online.

How to use the card

Once you buy your Rome Omnia card online, you’ll receive a confirmation email voucher in your inbox.

Show the voucher at any of Rome’s ORP offices and collect your card.  

Don’t forget to bring your passport and id card at the ORP center! 

Here are some of the Omnia Card pick-up points in Rome:

ORP Centers in RomeTimings Closed
St. Peter’s Basilica Monday – Saturday
9am – 4pm
Sunday and other holidays 
St. John in Lateran Monday – Saturday
9am – 4pm
Sunday and other holidays
Carcer Tullianum Monday – Sunday
9am – 5pm

Final Thoughts

Is the Rome Omnia Pass worth it? We’d say yes! 

It’s one of the Rome city passes that help you explore the Vatican and Rome attractions without burning a hole in your pocket.

But don’t forget that these passes are very likely to sell out and are extremely popular (especially the 72 hours Roma Pass).

Hence, make no delay and buy your Rome Omnia pass in advance, treat yourself and your loved one’s a taste of Rome!

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