Rotterdam Welcome Card : A complete Guide


Rotterdam is the major port in the Dutch province of South Holland.

The historic ships and displays of the Maritime Museum depict the city’s maritime past.

But Rotterdam is a city with several faces.

Including a rough port city, a city with trendy nightlife, a city with upscale shopping, and a city with a hip artistic culture.

Above all, Rotterdam is the Dutch city with the most innovative architecture.

and its skyline is constantly evolving.

In the midst of Rotterdam’s skyscrapers, there are numerous things to do.

In and around the city centre, you can go on a shopping spree, eat some delicious food, and explore a variety of museums and attractions.

But to do all these things requires a lot of money. 

But no worries.

We’re here to help you save some money and boost your chances of making your trip unforgettable.

The Rotterdam Welcome Card is your ticket to explore the city at a discounted price.

It offers discounts on various great tourist attractions, restaurants, museums, and other enjoyable places.

Want to know more? Let’s explore.

What is the Rotterdam Welcome Card?

The Rotterdam Welcome Card is the official city card for visitors to Rotterdam!

With this card you can receive amazing deals on popular attractions, works of art and culture, and meals and beverages.

Along with fantastic savings, the RET also offers unlimited public transportation travel for 1, 2, or 3 days.

RET is the Rotterdam Electric Tram, which is the main public transport operator in Rotterdam.

You can explore the city in the most genuine way with the help of this relatively affordable and motivational card.

Since the participating partners are dispersed throughout the city, you can receive the whole picture of Rotterdam’s unique character and diversity.

With this money-saving card, Rotterdam is your oyster.

Since you can enjoy fantastic savings at the greatest tourist attractions, museums, restaurants, and other enjoyable places.

What attractions does it cover?

What attractions does it cover
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The Rotterdam Welcome Card covers various major attractions in the city, including:

EuromastRotterdam ZooRotown
FutureLandTheater op het waterKids Marina
Kijk-KubusGrote of Sint-LaurenskerkMidget Golfbaan Parkhaven
Miniworld RotterdamChabot MuseumKunsthal Rotterdam
Het Nieuwe Instituut Holland Casino RotterdamRotterdam
Natural History MuseumNederlands FotomuseumTent
WereldmuseumRotterdamse SchouwburgMarkthal
World Heritage KinderdijkMuseum Boijmans Van BeuningenStadium Feijenoord (De Kuip)
Maritime Museum RotterdamWitte de With Center for Contemporary Art

Those mentioned above are very popular and expensive attractions in the Rotterdam city.

The Rotterdam Welcome Card offers you discounted entry to all of them, with easy streamlined access.

Of course, with completely free public transportation too.

This is an opportunity you should not pass up. Purchase right away!

How much does the Rotterdam welcome card?

The Rotterdam Welcome Card comes in three different options for you to choose from.

These options are dependent on duration.

Card TypeCard Price (€)
Regular Card – 1 Day€14
Regular Card – 2 days€20
Regular Card – 3 days€25

Children under the age of four are eligible for free admission.

It is not possible to reschedule this ticket.

What other benefits do I get?

You save money and time!

It gives you free access to the metro, tram, and bus lines of the RET public transportation system.

And it saves you a lot of money by doing so.

You save far more than the average tourist on the trip by taking advantage of free public transportation.

Also, Rotterdam Welcome Pass comes with a City Map.

Visitors can maximise the use of their Rotterdam Welcome Card by using the map to identify nearby discounts.

This way, you can reap all of its benefits.

That is one of the most significant benefits of purchasing this card; if you are a frugal traveler or value your money, this is a must-have.

You can get your Pass here.

This card is not valid on trains, the nightbus, in the Waterbus and at other non-RET public transport companies.

Perks of having a Rotterdam Welcome Card: 

You may save up to 25% on top attractions and museums like the Kunsthal, the Euromast, and Futureland.

Not just museums and the best attractions, but you can also save up to 25% at family-friendly places.

including the Midget Golfbaan Parkhaven, Miniworld, and the Rotterdam Zoo.

Additionally, you can get delicious discounts on a variety of meals, including Baker & Moore’s healthy breakfasts and Restaurant Hudson’s towering burgers.

Also, there’s a 25% discount available for both the Nederlands Fotomuseum and the Natural History Museum of Rotterdam.

You can visit the Kinderdijk cultural heritage monument while having a wild time at the Rotterdam Zoo.

At Miniworld Rotterdam, you can observe how small Rotterdam is and watch as the day turns into night every 24 minutes.

And if all of this has made you hungry, spend your money on delectable cuisine at Tech-Noir or DoDo Café Rotterdam.

Or just go across the Erasmus Bridge to Sharp Sharp for some nutritious treats!

Just remember!

If you have the Rotterdam Welcome Card in your hand, you will have access to everything Rotterdam has to offer with this pass.

Why are you still waiting then? Go grab your phone and book your tickets now. 

At either of the following locations, simply swipe your smartphone voucher for your Rotterdam Welcome Card:

Rotterdam Tourist Information Coolsingel – Coolsingel 114, 3011 AG (daily 09.30 – 18.00)
Rotterdam Tourist Information Central Station – Stationsplein 20, 3013 AK (daily 09.00 – 17.30)

Always check in and out, even if you are transferring! If you don’t, your ticket is void, and you could be fined.

Who is this card good for?

Packed Planners/ Active Travelers:

This pass is ideal for active travelers or those who like to visit a variety of attractions in a short period of time.

Over the course of a few selected days, you are given the chance to visit a LARGE number of Rotterdam attractions at a discounted price.

Also moving around will be even easier for you because the Rotterdam card will cover your transportation.

If this isn’t a jackpot, we don’t know what else might be! Get the pass right here.

Family Tourists and small groups:

Family Tourists and small groups

This card offers a terrific deal to those who are taking their families on vacation and are looking forward to a pleasant time together.

You may also take a lengthy, leisurely tour of the city and bring your kids along for free!

Your kids will be very happy and you will save a lot of money by doing this.

Get this card to surprise your family with a wonderful holiday gift.

Where can I buy the Rotterdam Welcome Card?

The best choice is to purchase the pass online.

You should first decide how many tickets you want.

Following that, you may select the type of pass you require and make an online payment by hitting the checkout button.

How to use this card?

After purchasing your pass online, you can either print it out or use a soft copy as necessary.

The card becomes active after the first visit to a museum or other attraction or after using public transportation for the first time.

Important Instructions:

The card is activated on the day that you first check in.

A 1-day pass allows you to travel on the same day until the timetable expires ( around midnight)

A 2-day card allows you to travel on the day the card is activated as well as the following day.

A 3-day card allows you to travel on the day the card is activated and the next two days.

A 1-day card is not a travel pass for 24 hours, so you can’t travel from 11 am on day 1 till 11 am the next day.

The validity of these cards is not 24 hours.

A 2-day card is not a travel pass for 48 hours and a 3-day card is not a travel pass for 72 hours.

So don’t get confused while traveling.

Also, this card cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts.

All locations offer one-time discounts valid for one person on presentation of your card at the locations of your choice.

The card features a distinctive QR code that will be scanned at the checkout.

Whether you stay in the city for a day or seven, the discounts are valid for the duration of your trip.

Final Thoughts

Is the Rotterdam Welcome Card worth it? Absolutely.

This is one of the few city-wide passes that allows you to save so much money.

Nothing beats a comprehensive tour of the city’s various eras.

But remember that these passes are very likely to sell out and are very popular (especially the 3 days).

Do not wait! Get up, reserve your tickets in advance, and plan your best vacation now.

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